Open Realty Advisors’ investment approach is quite simple — invest in the streets, the neighborhoods and the marketplaces where we have transacted over the past 25 years. We are a knowledge and relationship-based investor. We revel in collaborative partnerships and focus primarily on acquiring and re-developing existing retail and mixed-use properties. Our success is driven by our commitment to sound investment strategy, our passion for great businesses and our obsession with amazing places. We are exceptionally proud to have invested alongside many of the most respected real estate capital providers in North America and will work to continue building a legacy of success.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, thoughtful strategy and superb execution is what separates the good from the truly great. With more than 25 successful investments with Open Realty, our collaboration and strategic alignment has enabled Prado Group to cement solid partnerships, achieve exceptional returns, and create market-leading properties. As a mixed-use investor and developer focused on high barrier to entry, difficult in-fill markets, we find the Open Realty team creative, energetic, experienced, and highly trusted by the industry’s most savvy capital providers, retailers and restaurateurs. We are very fortunate to have Open Realty in our “kitchen cabinet” to help us navigate our markets and outperform the competition.”

- Dan Safier President, Founder and CEO, The Prado Group