Cinépolis USA Introduces the Nation’s First Movie Theater Auditoriums Dedicated to Children with Cinépolis Junior, March 2017

March 07, 2017

Cinépolis USA, a leading, world-class cinema exhibitor known for its enhanced movie-going concepts, today announced the debut of the nation’s first dedicated children’s movie theater auditoriums, Cinépolis Junior. Revolutionizing the cinema experience, Cinépolis Junior offers families a space to enjoy the magic of movies in an environment that caters to children, unlike anything the U.S. has seen before. The playful rooms will offer families a new and entertaining way to connect through one-of-a-kind spaces designed with children in mind. The first two Cinépolis Junior auditoriums will open March 16, 2017 at Cinépolis Pico Rivera and Cinépolis Vista in Southern California. The new auditorium concept comes as Cinépolis USA readies for another impressive year following two consecutive periods of exponential growth in 2015 and 2016.

“The opportunity to introduce Cinépolis Junior and what it represents – a new way to help loved ones come together and enjoy the arts – to the U.S. market is an honor,” said CEO of Cinépolis USA, Adrian Mijares Elizondo. “As the Entertainment Industry continues to evolve, we are pleased to be a pioneer and continue our innovation in the exhibitor space with our newest theater concept. To help new guests fall in love with movies is our goal, and to do it in a way that caters to every need is our mission.”

Cinépolis Junior Auditoriums

A destination for the ultimate family outing, each standout auditorium will offer a dedicated play area home to bright and colorful play structures, comfortable seating alternatives such as colorful bean bag-like seating and lounge chairs, and vibrant décor. Each Cinépolis Junior will be a space where parents feel at ease and kids feel right in their element as they watch their new favorite film.

The Los Angeles-based Cinépolis Pico Rivera auditorium will hold 133 seats, and the San Diego-based Cinépolis Vista auditorium will hold 134 seats. Both Cinépolis Junior auditoriums will include a vibrantly colored play structure and a special fenced-in play area for little ones.

  • Play Structure: The 55-foot long and 25-foot high play structure will hold two slides, and two main platforms within the structure will each feature a series of playground equipment including:
    • “Wobble Hoppers” that are akin to stationary Pogo sticks
    • “Stand n’ Spin” that makes for a scaled-down merry-go-round
    • Rounded, hanging “Fun Forest Bags” filled with foam
  • Play Area: Enclosed by a colorful plastic fence, the play area will be 13-feet-by-28-feet and will include green lawn turf with a tire climber and molded plastic animal sculptures perfect for climbing on, crawling through and more.

Both Cinépolis Junior auditoriums will screen child-friendly films seven days a week. Ticket prices will include an additional surcharge to the average cost of a Cinépolis USA premium movie ticket; pricing can vary by location. Families will be permitted to enter the auditorium 15 minutes before the film begins to allow for early play time and settling in. While both auditoriums will have slightly different playtime amenities, elevated snack favorites such as enhanced popcorn flavors like Cheetos, Chili, Caramel and Zebra, along with other kid-friendly menu items, will be available for purchase via each theater’s new kitchen and expanded concession stand.

The award-winning concept, first introduced internationally by the U.S. exhibitor’s parent company, is currently available in México, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Spain, and has received international praise for its standout amenities and tailored child-friendly offerings. With families accounting for a sizeable portion of moviegoers, Cinépolis USA’s newest auditorium type is poised to be the beginning of a new movie outing era for consumers.

An encore to an extraordinary 2016 where Cinépolis USA’s theater count grew 45 percent from the year prior, the advent of Cinépolis Junior joins the exhibitor’s two distinct auditorium categories – “Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas” and “Cinépolis.” The exhibitor, whose portfolio consists of 16 luxury and premium theaters, entered the North East with five theater acquisitions in 2016. This presence in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York debuted in tandem with the brand’s initial expansion into the East Coast in 2015 through two new builds and two theater acquisitions in Florida.

Theaters set to open in 2017 include Cinépolis USA’s first entry into the Southwest with a theater in Dallas, Texas, and its first entry into the Midwest with Cinépolis Dayton in Ohio. An additional location in southwest Orange County, Florida is anticipated to open later this year. Cinépolis USA’s growing national presence rises from the company’s expansion strategy of opening a minimum of five theaters per year, over the next four years.

“Cinépolis USA has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and we look forward to a very successful 2017,” said Mijares. “As we continue to strengthen our presence nationwide it remains our top priority to bring a personal touch to new audiences and to create a destination for movie-goers that maintains an intimate, family-oriented and friendly movie-going atmosphere.”